Deep – KeyCleaner takes it Deeper

Best Solvent announces the addition of “deep” KeyCleaner to the Best Solvent Line up of top quality solvent cleaners.
Compatible with Leather Cleaners, Video Head Cleaners, Tape Cleaner “Best Deep” Key Cleaner works deeply to focus your cleaning project and engage a deeper core.
Best Deep’s Red Wrapper and Hypnotic Spiral harkens back to a hitchcock vertigo.
Like all key cleaners, carefully open the bottle, avoid inhaling,
Dip the key directly into the bottle, or for more thorough cleaning using a cotton tip applicator, or cotton ball to dab the solution onto the key’s surface.
Never Touch the solvent cleaner to skin, or inhale.
The key cleaner is scented like a Gas Stove so you’ll know its there.
If there is no scent, you should replace the bottle with a fresh bottle of Deep key cleaner or KeyHole Key Cleaner

Best Solvents can be found at quality Solvent Cleaner and Key Cleaner vendors

When you need focused cleaning – Go Deeper..
Best Solvent – Deep is supplied in a 15ml tall bottle for the longest keys.

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